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Volunteer Awards 2022

On October 29, we held our annual volunteer appreciation supper. The Lamont Curling Club was a wonderful host, and Tom's Catering made sure no one went home hungry. UFA was the volunteer sponsor this year, and we truly appreciate their commitment to our local community.

Every single volunteer was essential to our success this year, but we handed out a few outstanding volunteer awards to those who went above and beyond to ensure all details were handled for our events this year.

Kathy Corcoran stepped up huge this year, helping with everything and anything. If there was something that needed to be done, we knew Kathy would see to it! Between unloading Pepsi, to meeting the propane guys, spending as many hours as she had in her helping at events, and recruiting many extra hands to help us out. Kathy also made sure that our leftover food did not go to waste by taking it to the foodbank. She took the reins on the Kid's activities for the Rodeo and executed it flawlessly. This year would not have been as successful without her involvement. Kathy is consistently thinking beyond the right now and always ensuring we are thinking about long term goals.

Colleen Holowaychuk took the time to help us with everything concession related for both events. She helped us with grocery shopping, unloading and organizing the kitchen. Her experience in the kitchen was extremely helpful to get organized prior to the events, and getting new volunteers orientated in the kitchen for shift changes. Her crew was a huge help and appeared to have alot of fun, and she is already actively recruiting for next year!

Craig Achtymichuk really went above and beyond the call this year in helping us prep for the rodeo. He used his own equipment to trim the weeds and to get the bleachers in top shape. During the Rodeo, he ran around the country side to keep the concession and beer coolers stocked! His willingness to go beyond working his bartending shift is truly appreciated.

Mike Mullany is well known for flipping our famous rodeo burgers at the concession. Not only did he put hours in during our events, he also helped with getting our flames under control, helped with setting up our new kitchen flow, running back-and-forth from his place to the grounds when we needed different tools. He also made a few trips between the kitchen and our auxiliary deep freeze to ensure we were all stocked up. And could often be found watering our plants to keep them in top shape!

Terry Letwin was an all around rockstar this year! He helped pickup our donated flowers and get them planted, ensuring the grounds were looking spiffy for the rodeo! He also was a huge help in prepping for the concession by picking up groceries and doing a few extra runs when we needed those last minute items. During the rodeo, he certainly got his steps in as he was constantly on the move helping to make sure everything was executed flawlessly.

Thank you to the following sponsors, ensuring that no volunteer went home without a door prize:

- Webb's Machinery, Lamont

- Straightline Dodge, Fort Sask

- Richardson Pioneer, Lamont

- Pryatel Family

- Sil Industrial Minerals, Bruderhiem

- Paragon, Edmonton

- Bull Riders of Canada

- Molson Canada

- Corteva Agriscience

2022 Volunteer Appreciation Event, sponsored by UFA

Colleen Holowaychuk, Outstanding Volunteer Award Recipient with Terry Eleniak (President)

Terry Letwin, Outstanding Volunteer Award Recipient with Terry Eleniak (President)

Mike Mullany, Outstanding Volunteer Award Recipient with Terry Eleniak (President)

Kathy Corcoran, Outstanding Volunteer Award Recipient with Terry Eleniak (President)

Craig Achtymichuk, Outstanding Volunteer Award Recipient with Terry Eleniak (President)

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