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Break the Stigma

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About Lesley Kelly

Lesley is the head and heart behind the blog, High Heels & Canola Fields. She grew up on her family’s grain farm at Watrous, Saskatchewan where her and husband currently operate with her brother and dad. After gaining an education in marketing and accounting, went on to work in various marketing and branding positions in the ag sector, such as Cargill, ATB Financial, and Farm Credit Canada. Over the years, Lesley and her family have come to realize that a successful operation hinges on the general well-being of the farmer. They now make mental health a priority. Talking about it has become part of their day-to-day life and they openly discuss the challenges they face, both large and small. They don’t shy away from these topics, which takes the stigma out of them. Lesley has been part of the Bell Let’s Talk campaign to shine line on farmer mental health. Her goal is to help make the industry stronger and one way is to help break down the culture of “toughness” encouraged among farmers so that they, too, can talk openly about mental health.


Do More Ag Foundation

Not-for-profit organization focusing on mental health in agriculture across Canada.

They are champions for the mental wellbeing of all Canadian producers and are changing the culture of Agriculture to one where all producers are encouraged, supported and empowered to take care of their mental wellbeing.

Agriculture is an industry with a foundation of deep rural roots, hard work, resilience, strength and community. In order to uphold that image, those traits can also be the industry’s weakness as they become barriers for speaking up and seeking help. Producers are among the most vulnerable when it comes to mental health issues. Stress, anxiety, depression, emotional exhaustion and burnout are all high among producers. By collaborating with the entire industry and those working to address the state of mental health in Agriculture, they can and will make a substantial impact!

Do More Ag operates under 3 pillars- Awareness, Community & research.  As a Canada wide not-for-profit organization, these pillars drive our focus and efforts across the Ag industry.

Visit their website to learn more.

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